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And there are 4 indicators must be set true for each chart:. If you are in a trade before a major release then take profit at the minimum of 5 minutes before the release. Alerts: This system is set up for 17:00 New York Time; which means after 17:00 EST you must reboot your MT4 platform (close and open it). Lime is the low and Magenta is the high of the swings. Learn to trade this System before you even think of trading a live account. Example: 2 hour chart silk road bitcoin romar down or up Smooth down or up EMA down or up 1 hour chart romar down or up Smooth down or up EMA down or up Daily chart romar down. Retraces are valuable as they will hit the trend indicators and is a point of entry for at least 20 pips if the trend has already bloomed. When the bars are above the 0 line the market is up and vice-versa. The Rules for This System: Rule 1 - is the 40/40 or 20/40 rule. Here is a picture of the 6 indicators for the Paradox: 1 romar 2 Purple 3 White 4 Smooth 5 EMA 6 Parabolic, romar: romar is the key trend for the market. Paradox_Session_Indicator; the session lines are for all 4 of your sessions (Sydney, Tokyo, London, and New York).

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The contour lines are to show the basic range that the pair is trading. Now if you are trading in the trend then that 40 stop will never be hit. On paradox system forex factory an uptrend retraces off the band are generally to EMA for profit. During consolidation those alerts will keep you busy. Are you trading long or short? If Smooth is above Purple in consolidation then the trend is down. Last but not least - The Bollinger Bands: The Bollinger Bands are also a deadly weapon during consolidation; it will do one of two things when the market hits the bands. The answer is waiting on the breakout. And checking your time bar on your chart below will give you the brokers time in GMT. So check all three charts to see which alert had been activated. Do you think it will break this price, or that price? The small White Arrows are for the zero crossings of the macd. This system is set up to work with any pair in the market.

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This is how you learn where support and resistance is located according to the paradox system forex factory Paradox. So that means you will change the gmtServerOffset - in the Inputs tab, to number 8 in order to get the 17:00 New York time on your charts for ending of the trading day. These 4 horsemen deliver the visual of each swing. And it matters not what time zone you are. But the first and most important rule is never trade against the trend. You always use a 40 pip stop and you never move. Such as; Tokyo 19:00: London 03:00: and New York 08:00. The 1 hour has all three; the 2 hour and Daily has only EMA and the macd. I believe if you are already in the GMT zone your number will have a minus. Paradox_Trend_EMA_Alert; the Input tab with SoundOn is true and the TimeFrame is for the chart it is designated for which is in minutes. Thistle is the SAR High and Low within the primary swings of high and low. If Smooth stays below Purple in consolidation then the trend. Once the band is hit retrace are generally to Purple, White, or Smooth.

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A lot can happen within a two hour period. In context the alerts will happen on the 1 hour before the 2 hour. If you do get a hit on one of the bands during consolidation then get in and take profit at least to EMA In a downtrend is a different story. It can hold the market in the short term trend by sliding under or over Purple according to the trend while in consolidation. Keep them as tight as they can be or you will never to be able to trade in the moment. How you set up the correct session on your charts is according to your broker. Rule 2 - is when you have accumulated your 40 a day pips, you then leave your trading station and do not return until the next day. Lets now move on and talk about the Indicators. Little White arrows with sound alerts will appear in giving you signals of the crossing. Paradox_macd; the Input for the macd is the TimeFrame in which the chart is set up for. I recommend to never be trading in a major news release. And again; the TimeFrame are in minutes.

So be sure your chart is wide open horizontally when the three Purple, White, and Smooth are tight. And in a slider (consolidation) EMA must also cross Purple for a reversal. The reason I do not paradox system forex factory have all the sessions showing with -1 is not to clutter the charts visually. And the reason is because they are not taken out with the candles but with a hidden. There are three color boxes: Lime, Magenta, and Thistle. When I am on this forum I always see these questions. So there are two variations lines for the swing; DodgerBlue and Magenta. If you anticipate you could very well end up in a losing trade. All these alerts are attached to the alert. If the 2 hour is in consolidation then trade the 2 hour off support and resistance for your entries. Not complicated at all.