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You also might face considerable delays before you are able to access the amount (if any) that is able to be recovered from the Platform Counterparty. Dollar/ Japanese Yen, Euro/ Japanese Yen, Australian Dollar/ Japanese Yen and British Pound/ Japanese Yen. These differences include the following:. 40/1964 Coll., the Civil Code, as amended by Act. Repurchase A purchase transaction to offset (decrease) a short position. Data supply errors; and. If a Close Out occurs you will not be able to enter into another Transaction until you transfer additional funds to us How Margin Calls are to be met When we make a Margin Call you must immediately. On the forex trader infringements, as amended by Act. (4) Reports prepared in 2004 under the regulations heretofore in effect to discharge a reporting obligation for the year 2003, shall be compiled and presented according to the regulations heretofore in effect. Market conditions may also mean that the price of Margin FX and FX Options may not maintain their usual relationship with the value of the Underlying Instrument.

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Acceptance or granting of a financial credit by the investor for business purposes, if the investor has a share as per items 1 or 2 in the business, or if the credit is subject to an agreement on the. 161/1993 Coll., and Act of the National Council of the Slovak Republic. An association member may change the term used herein to the term that the association member uses including the name of transaction. The number of trading units;. Up to Sk 10,000,000, if the amount to which the shortcoming relates cannot be determined. Financial credit is also understood to mean the financing, granted by a bank, of trade in goods or the provision of services in which no resident is participating.

The Default Liquidation Threshold is determined by the Platform Counterparty for your Trading Platform. The application must also contain a statement about the completeness, correctness, authenticity, and relevance of the submitted application, including its annexes, while responsibility for the said statement shall be held by the applicant. (3) Where the foreign exchange supervision procedure occurs on site, the relations between the foreign exchange authority and the persons subject to supervision are governed by the provisions of a separate law, 23) unless otherwise stipulated by this Act. There may be instances where we do not provide you with a Margin Call notifying you of an obligation to meet a Variation Margin. On agricultural land fund preservation, as amended. (2) Cash Settlement Our customer pays to or receives from us the amount of money calculated according to the following computation method.

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(5) Should a foreign exchange authority detect deficiencies in a person s activities during on-site inspection, the person will be given 23a) an appropriate period of time to correct the shortcomings, or requested to terminate any unauthorized activities. For example, Halifax allows you to enter into FX Margin and FX Option Transactions in small amounts whereas exchange traded products have a minimum transaction size based on a dollar value. Request to open or Close Out a position we have an absolute discretion whether or not to accept and execute such request. (5) The places of foreign exchange through the mediation of which the foreign exchange reporting obligation is fulfilled, are obligated to pass on to the foreign exchange authority without undue delay any information obtained within the scope of compliance with. On the National Bank of Slovakia, as amended.

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For a worked example of how an open position is Closed Out we refer you to the trading examples on our website at Value Dates The Value Date for a FX Transaction is the date on which the parties (i.e. Article 7 Banks, and/or residents, except for resident natural persons, and non-residents may transfer, and/or pay or collect claims and debts arising from residents' foreign trade in goods and services, provided the foreign trade operation is not considered a commercial credit or loan. Payment and transfer of capital under direct investments of non-residents in the Republic shall be executed freely, in accordance with the law governing foreign investment. Halifax generally applies risk limits (referred to as Default Liquidation forex account management agreement pdf Thresholds) to ensure that the percentage of your Trading Account balance which you are using at any one time to satisfy Margin Requirements (Margin Utilisation) does not exceed certain pre-defined levels. Establishment of Foreign Exchange Margin Transactions Account When you begin foreign exchange margin transactions, you are required to submit in advance an agreement regarding the establishment of a foreign exchange margin transactions account to us for establishing such account.

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(3) The Ministry shall maintain foreign exchange records and documents pertaining to international negotiations on property claims, and shall implement the results of these negotiations within the country. (3) Where the term valuty or devzy appears in other generally binding legal regulations, it is understood to mean foreign currency funds at the rate of exchange announced by the National Bank of Slovakia. We collect fees up to ( ) per contract for one-way transaction. (10) The conditions set out in paragraphs 3, 4, and 6 to 8, must be met throughout the period of validity of the foreign exchange licence. Market conditions: Under certain market conditions it could become difficult or impossible to manage the risk of open positions by entering into opposite positions in another contract or to Close Out an existing position. Please ask us for further information about the mechanics of foreign exchange margin transactions, the procedures for transactions, etc 13 Prohibited Acts concerning Foreign Exchange Margin Transaction Acts Please note that, according to the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act, financial instruments. If you hold an open position on a Friday, or the last day before a public holiday in the relevant jurisdiction your daily Rollover amount will be increased to account for the non-trading days before the relevant market opens. (4) In announcing a state of emergency in the foreign exchange economy, the Government shall, by naming the prohibitions that shall apply (those set out in paragraph 2 or 3, or in both specify the particular state of emergency. Payments and transfers under current transactions shall include, without restrictions, the following: 1) payments under foreign trade transactions and other external current transactions within the meaning of the law governing foreign trade; credits; 2) payments with regard. The public announcement shall also state where the complete text of the decree may be viewed by the public. Iii halifax NZ 5 Contents.

(8) A fine imposed shall be payable within 30 days of the legally enforceable decision to levy a fine and the income from the fine shall be a revenue for the State Budget of the Slovak Republic. Article 47 The customs authority shall exercise supervision of the taking in and out from the Republic of foreign cash, dinars, cheques and securities in passenger, goods and postal traffic. Payments under insurance contracts Article 30 Resident insurance companies may make payment for the purpose of depositing and investing abroad, in accordance with the provisions of the law governing insurance. Roll-over Carrying forward of open position of foreign exchange margin transactions, which were not offset during the trading day, to the next trading day. On the Criminal Record Register, as amended by Act. Margins may be deposited in the form of national government bonds, municipal bonds and share certificates listed on a financial instruments exchange in Japan. Margin FX and FX Options are over-thecounter (OTC) forex account management agreement pdf derivative contracts. The official middle exchange rate of the dinar shall be applied for accounting and statistical purposes. An act, in respect of foreign exchange margin transactions act, to solicit a customer to conduct transactions opposite, in terms of purchase or sale, to the customer's original foreign exchange margin transaction (such opposite transactions means transactions.

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So, for an FX Transaction where the Underlying Exchange Rate is NZD/USD, NZD will be the Base Currency and forex account management agreement pdf USD will be the Terms Currency. You can change Trading Platforms at any time by contacting. Decree of the Federal Ministry of Finance, the State Bank of Czech-Slovakia and the Federal Ministry of Foreign Trade. Article 34 Payments, collections and transfers between residents and between residents and non-residents in the Republic shall be made in dinars. Upon the receipt of margins from a customer, we will furnish the customer with a receipt for such margins. Balanced Position Simultaneous holding of long positions and short positions for the same products. You should carefully consider which of the Trading Platforms is likely to best meet your needs.

(2) A fine pursuant to paragraph 1, letter d) may be levied in the following amounts: a) for a failure to comply with the reporting obligation or the requirement to collaborate with the foreign exchange authority during inspection. The timeframe and manner of reporting on transactions referred to in paragraph 1 hereof shall be prescribed by the National Bank of Serbia. On infringements, as amended, became effective on 1 October Act. Article 41 The legal acts of the European Communities and the European Union listed in the Annex are hereby adopted. In the money An FX Option Contract is in the money if:. 3 halifax NZ 9 For example: Assume your Trading Account Currency is NZD. International electronic transfer of funds (ietf This is a transfer from an overseas bank that in most instances if lodged with an overseas bank will be placed as cleared funds usually within five business days, but can be delayed. A resident borrower under a dinar credit granted by an international financial organisation and development bank or financial institution founded by foreign states may make payments to an international financial organisation and development bank or financial institution founded. Depending forex account management agreement pdf on the particular Margin FX or FX Option Transaction, the market volatility for the Underlying Instrument and the Trading Platform you use, the Initial Margin for a Margin FX Transaction or FX Option (where applicable) will. If the current Exchange Rate for the NZD against the USD (NZD/USD) is, this means that one NZD equates to, or can be exchanged for, USD or 70 US cents.

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All FX"tions are made up of two currencies; the Base Currency and the Terms Currency. 303/1992 Coll., which implements the Foreign Exchange Act. It is calculated as the product of the Notional Value of the open Margin FX Transaction multiplied by the difference between the interest rate on the Long Currency and the interest rate on the Short Currency, in each case. By contrast, if the interest rate on the Long Currency is lower than the interest rate on the Short Currency, then the Rollover amount will be negative (negative roll) and will be debited from your Trading Account. This is otherwise known as a points discount. The application must also indicate the place and date of preparation and the applicant s officially verified signature. Halifax NZ 12.1.2 Other variables that lead to losses for clients The following is a description of some of the other significant risks associated with trading Margin FX and FX Options offered.

With respect to the part at the bottom of "Contents if an association member offers to services for transactions which fall under Article.22 (2) of the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act (which means transactions the objects. 2.9 Entering into, altering and terminating FX Products Opening an account and getting a Trading Account To open a Trading Account, you must firstly contact us either by using the contact details in section 6 of this PDS. All funds received from clients are held, used and withdrawn in accordance with our Client Services Agreement and applicable New Zealand laws. Article 81, letter e) of the Labour Code, Articles 17 to 20 of the Commercial Code, as amended by Act of the National Council of the Slovak Republic. In the annex, the application must contain the documents necessary for the National Bank of Slovakia to decide in the matter, mainly documents reliably certifying compliance with the conditions set out in paragraphs 3, 4, and 6. Halifax uses variable interest rates to calculate Rollover amounts, which vary for each currency. The holders of such foreign exchange licences shall be obligated to deliver to the National Bank of Slovakia an officially verified copy of a trade licence or concession 11 ) for the activity that is the subject. The National Bank of Serbia shall supervise international payment transactions carried out by the public postal operator by following a procedure laid down in the law governing payment services. Spot Contracts The Value Date for Spot Contracts is standardised and non-negotiable. Guarantee operations also include: warranties that a resident legal entity issues to a non-resident under foreign trade in goods and services and performance of construction works in the Republic; guarantees and warranties that a resident legal entity obtains from. Investment in real estate Article 12 Payments made for the purpose of acquiring ownership of real estate by residents abroad and non-residents in the Republic shall be made freely, in accordance with the law governing legal property relations. The operations referred to in paragraphs 1 and 2 hereof may be performed only on the basis of a contract concluded by all parties to the transaction or a resident s statement confirming notification of the transfer. It is your responsibility to monitor your Variation Margin obligations.

Where NZD is your Short Currency) at a higher exchange rate of The resulting gross profit on the Transaction would be US500 being sale price (0.7250) less buy price (0.7200) x 100,000. 4a) Article 2, paragraph 2 letters a) to k) and r) of Act. On the arrangement of ownership relations to land and other agricultural property, as amended. Liquidity: Under certain conditions, it may become difficult or impossible for you to Close Out a position. The application must also contain data, in the scope specified in a separate law, 15a) about the deputies of the participants in the proceeding, if any, even without the consent of the persons concerned. If additional deposit of margins is required because of the shortfall of margins in excess of the specified limit or for other reasons, you will have to deposit additional deposit of margins. A pair of currencies you are going to place an order for;. B.: This footnote is effective until the Slovak Republic s accession to the European Union and, thereafter, will be repealed.) 21).g., Act. The nature of the online interface through which you can transact and monitor your Trading Account. Characters and numerals shall be printed no smaller than 8 points as specified in JIS Z8305 (matters required to be explained in the first part or in the frame must be printed no smaller than 12 points as specified in JIS Z8305). In determining the interest rates on the Long Currency and the Short Currency, Halifax will generally apply the same interest rates as the rates determined by the Platform Counterparty for your Trading Platform in respect of the Hedge Transaction. Any funds you transfer to us may not be protected. 13 halifax NZ.1.4 The consequences of altering the terms of a derivative or terminating a derivative Under the Client Services Agreement, we have the right to decide to make an adjustment in a number of circumstances where we consider an adjustment is appropriate.

6 Article 5 (deleted) Article 6 A resident legal entity, branch of a foreign legal entity and entrepreneur may offset their debts and claims under foreign trade in goods and services effected by residents, provided the foreign trade operation. When you sell an FX Option Contract, although you receive the Premium upfront, you are exposed to potential losses in the future in the event that the price of the Underlying Instrument moves against your position. The Trading Platforms that we use, and the Platform Counterparties that operate those Trading Platforms, are set out below. 45/1998 Coll., Act. That is, it may still have time value.e. 16 A resident legal entity, branch of a foreign legal entity and entrepreneur shall keep foreign exchange in foreign exchange accounts with banks or shall sell foreign exchange to banks.

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2) at the session of the interbank foreign exchange market: - between banks; - between banks and the National Bank of Serbia. A resident public enterprise and legal entity with state-owned capital or legal entity in the process of restructuring or privatisation may issue a warranty to a non-resident under operations referred to in paragraph 4 hereof under the terms and conditions prescribed by the Government. Also referred to as one-cancels-other. Mark-to-Market Procedures for the valuation of open positions in order to reflect a daily change in market prices. A bank may participate in a syndicated commercial credit or loan granted to a resident or non-resident for the purpose of financing of deferred or advance payments under foreign trade in goods and services, purchase claims from a non-resident participant. 2.6 Key benefits of FX Products Margin FX and FX Options provide a number of benefits which must be weighed against the risks of using them. A resident legal entity may take foreign credits and loans and grant commercial loans to non-residents in its own name and for its own account and in its own name and for somebody else s account, while it may. Covering Transaction A financial instruments firm conducts, for the purpose of reducing the risk of loss which arises from the price fluctuation of foreign exchange margin transactions with customers as a counterparty, on-exchange derivatives transactions or foreign exchange transaction or foreign.

The application must clearly indicate what is requested, and must contain a true description of all major facts and appropriate evidence of stated particulars. 528/1990 Coll., the Foreign Exchange Act, as amended by forex account management agreement pdf Act. (9) Fines imposed by the foreign exchange authority shall be enforced by the appropriate financial control body according to the registered office, place of business, or permanent residence of the person under inspection. You will incur a loss on the Transaction if the value of the Premium for the sold FX Option Contract is less than the value of the Premium that you initially paid to buy the FX Option Contract. 5 halifax NZ 11 If the FX Option Contract remains in the money at the Expiry Date and it is a Call Option, from the buyer s perspective, then the buyer can exercise the FX Option Contract and. Foreign Exchange Margin Transactions A hybrid transaction combining a foreign exchange transaction to exchange currencies and a margin transaction to deal larger amount of transaction by depositing relatively smaller amount of money. If Done Good Til Cancelled Orders Standing Order.4 Key features of Margin FX An order that includes two orders, where the second of the two orders only becoming active should the first order be executed. A foreign credit operation contract shall be considered null and void if concluded in contravention of the provisions of paragraph 2 hereof. If an FX Option Contract is out of the money at a particular point in time, this does not mean it does not have value. The Tax Administration shall supervise foreign exchange operations of persons referred to in Article 45 of this Law if those persons are connected to persons referred to in paragraph 1 of this Article by property, management and business. (5) Measures pursuant to paragraphs 1 and 2 may be taken within one year of the date of detection of the shortcomings, but no later than within three years of the date of their occurrence. Became effective on 1 April Act. Article 35 Banks shall keep foreign exchange also with other banks, and/or with the National Bank of Serbia.

We will" an offer price and bid price simultaneously for each pair of currencies, and our customer can buy at the offer price and sell at the bid price. If conditions for the issuing of the authorisation set out in paragraph 2 hereof are not met, the Tax Administration shall issue a forex account management agreement pdf decision rejecting the application for such authorisation. In contrast to the Spread Platforms, no profit or commission will be incorporated into the Spread on the Exchange Rates we offer to you to enter into and Close Out each Margin FX Transaction by either Halifax or the relevant Platform Counterparty. 1.4 Which derivatives are covered by the PDS? In this connection, the authority is empowered to demand any cooperation necessary from persons subject to supervision, especially the presentation of the necessary documents and explanations. Incorrect details are entered: If you incorrectly place your intended order you are responsible for the result of the incorrectly placed order, including all costs to close out the position and any resulting profit or loss on the outcome. 30) Articles 94 to 114 of Act. A registered financial institution should replace "financial instruments firm" in the text with "registered financial institution". We collect fees at the time of order filling.