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Secondly do not imagine that any or all of the following facts will save you: you were following the direct and specific written instructions within Barclays policies 7 you were following the direct and specific written instructions of Barclays senior management. This was not assumed it is a fact. Another revealing document that came out of the Employment Tribunal case was the recommendations by Barclays Legal team to start a disciplinary process following the Consent Order. UK Financial Conduct Authority (FCA new York Department of Financial Services (nydfs or DFS). 4 other Regulators investigated Barclays use of Last Look and imposed no censure or sanctions. This shows that the FCA at least, are concerned about the potential injustice of these backroom deals to the rights of individual employees. This statement just repeats the mistakes of paragraphs 9 11 above. In reality the nydfs has been constituted with a concentration of the powers and that are rightly separated in most credible enforcement agencies. A year later they surrender to a hugely expensive Consent Order in which one of the repeatedly alleged deficiencies was not communicating openly with clients about Last Look. The illegality of the Consent Order is described here.

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Having sought and received legal advice confirming the validity of their actions, they then discover that this provides no safety at all if Barclays later deem it expedient to discard the protection promised in that advice. Once the misrepresentations and distortions of the Consent Order are stripped away, what are we left with? A likely explanation for Barclays submission to the nydfs is that it was simply the path dfs barclays fx settlement of least resistance. The document went into the papers (bundle) in a public hearing of a UK tribunal. No doubt with great care involving their Legal department. In relation to paragraph 25 generally all 7"d communications appear to have come from support staff who were certainly not implementing any instructions from the management of the business. For example UBS is a very close competitor of Barclays in the electronic FX market and employed Last Look, but is head-quartered in Connecticut. The nydfs however can simply require a regulated entity to pay a huge fine on pain of losing their banking licence. To achieve this, the DFS have omitted 2 vital facts. It is equivalent to complaining that the instructions for a toaster didnt explicitly distinguish it from a kettle.

In the Employment Tribunal, comparator evidence was presented of other senior Barclays employees who had experienced serious regulatory criticism and sanctions or managed businesses that were heavily fined, but who had all kept their jobs. All documents presented in a UK court case, unless specifically ruled otherwise by the court/tribunal 17, become public domain documents as soon as the hearing begins. Not to mention numerous earlier fines and sanctions for other cases. It is a matter of general public interest why New Yorkers should get the equivalent of a free hospital 12 paid for by a UK bank when the gift is not reciprocated. However you must engage with the process in good faith.

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The inference is there to be made, that Barclays chose to confess to misconduct they dont believe in for reasons of commercial expediency. The general issue of symmetry for Last Look is instructive. This average toxicity will change due to changes in client behaviour and purely random influences. In any case Barclays did not apply Last Look almost entirely in reference to the profit or loss. There is no information which would allow a Market Maker to make that determination. Many of these documents proved very damaging to Barclays defence as they showed the true nature of Barclays use of Last Look and its acceptance amongst senior management, the Sales, Compliance and Legal departments. Is it ethical to state one set of facts to one regulator and months later confess to contradictory complaints with another? The dismissal was found to be both procedurally and substantively unfair in both the original disciplinary process and the appeal process. The details of the disciplinary process will form a large dfs barclays fx settlement part of any subsequent Employment Tribunal case. This is a plain attempt to misrepresent the wholly standard principle of preserving the confidentiality of algorithmic details. In fact there is a continuum of degrees of toxicity across the clients of barx. There was certainly no suggestion that they were going to try and have me dismissed nor did they present any case against me which I could have defended. The Terms and Conditions legal agreement was very carefully drafted by Barclays lawyers to protect the firm against unfair litigation.

dfs barclays fx settlement

However the calculation appears to be different when the sum was only 150 million in the Last Look case. Read more, digital, be informed with the essential news and opinion, myFT track the topics most important to you. They state: Does Last Look specifically target only certain types of trading behaviours and flows? This case will likely be of interest to the following groups: Barclays shareholders, barclays employees, uK taxpayers, financial journalists. This can partially counterbalance the many advantages given to the Market Taker in the trading relationship. General, the Federal Reserve Bank of New York and the FCA all investigated these issues and took no actions against Barclays in this regard. A board cant let 2bn slip out of the door just for the sake of a quiet life. A recent statement by the US DoJ on a completely different case provides an interesting perspective on these aspects of financial regulation: The FBI is committed to holding accountable those who disrupt the level playing field to which. Why did Barclays agree to sign the Consent Order? Hence there has been no public defence by Barclays of their use of Last Look. This communication also shows that Barclays did not believe that the use of Last Look was indiscriminate as claimed in the Consent Order. Aside from the morality of this approach, it seems to demonstrate a severe lack of judgement on the part of their legal advisers. The Consent Order is a quite unabashed example of a document of type (a) but should be of type (b).

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When the curves cross zero, all the upfront spread charged by Barclays has gone.e. This was a public and perfectly justifiable commercial decision. These could easily be stronger than the DFS case against Barclays. Barclays will settle for huge multi-million dollar amounts even in cases which they assert have no merit. The distortion of justice that would follow from this is dfs barclays fx settlement obvious. The majority of the actions in the eFX system and all other parts of Barclays was in some way directed towards the profitability of the firm as it is in every commercial enterprise. This is completely untrue. That IT release had caused a spurt in rejects which was wholly unintentional and was indeed corrected immediately. It can be considered to represent Barclays views and policies about Last Look today. The choice of state in which to head-quarter your operations is critical. Regulatory action like this will deter firms from proactively improving their practices. Paragraph 25e states Barclays employees suggested explaining to the ECN what last look.

The relevant facts behind this statement are: Barclays disclosed this document prior to the Employment Tribunal Hearing without requesting any special treatment. It is hard to see the purpose of carefully drafting legal documents if the firm then chooses to not avail themselves of the protections they dfs barclays fx settlement provide. Instead, the way Barclays implemented Last Look automatically gave a very low number of rejects to the least toxic and progressively more rejects to more toxic clients in a graded fashion. What is more, Barclays employees repeatedly referred to the Consent Order to justify the dismissal and argue against fair remedy, even after they had been found guilty of unfair dismissal. This case serves as an indication of how baseless a set of accusations Barclays are prepared to submit to and at what price.