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Featured in the Wall Street Journal, TechCrunch, Fortune, Bloomberg Business Insider * *Trusted by 2 million users in over 170 countries. Update: I actually have some BRD and really would like to see a greater selection for the coins. Great for remittances and for sending crypto assets to friends and family. Look to add Nano, iota, and others that many dont support or yet to support. They just wanted their money and were non plussed.

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It is embarrassing when using the wallet to show newcomers and infuriating when trying to actually use the wallet. Thank you for the additional feedback, we will take both of those ideas into consideration. Were even here nights and weekends! Been using this for over 5 years and its solid, dependable and simple. Source code is available at m/breadwallet. Binance Coin 1,242.00.52 per BNB 225 BNB, bitcoin Cash 1,096.52 130.85 per BCH.38 BCH, add Wallets. This is simplest, informative, and secure Crypto Wallet I have seen.

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Want to see your favorite feature added to the next version of BRD? Everything is protected on your own device bread bitcoin wallet utilizing industry-leading hardware encryption and Apple's mobile security. Our simple, streamlined design is easy for beginners, yet powerful enough for experienced users. Secondly, I will add that there is currently no way to send all the funds in your wallet to someone. If you still have problems, send us an email! SPV mode, and doesn't rely on servers that can be hacked or disabled. Over 6B USD in cryptocurrency under protection. Our global support team is ready to help first-time bitcoin buyers to longtime crypto holders. Get all your questions answered in less than 2 hours.

I still feel that the ability to speed up the confirmation of one's transactions is important. Thank you for all of your five star reviews! Olga the great, Good wallet with caveats. Such as ETH, Dash, iota, KMD, Walton Chain, VeChain, ICX, qtum, EOS, NAV, Nano, etc. Most users hear back within a few hours.

Thank you for taking the time to leave feedback! IPhone Screenshots, buy, exchange and sell bitcoin, bitcoin cash, ethereum, and ERC20 tokens. I want this to be successful as much as the others that have a stake in BRD too! There needs to be a BIG push to support many other Coins for it to really be adopted by many in this competitive market niche. Our app is a fully decentralized wallet that connects directly to the blockchain using a securely generated 12-word paper key.

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Warning: Installation on jailbroken devices is strongly discouraged. Pretty awesome support if you ask. I just had to apologise to someone and explain what 5mb from tip meant. Looking forward for more innovative additions as time goes on! Completely decentralized, unlike other iOS bitcoin wallets, Bread is a standalone bitcoin client. Enjoy 50 savings on all Trading fees as a BRD token holder. Information, supports, family Sharing, with Family Sharing set up, up to six family members can use this app. I really expected this mobile Wallet to be much more diverse in Wallet Currency. Bitcoin 15,736.19 3720.14 per BTC.23 BTC, ethereum 848.72 104.24 per ETH.142 ETH, bRD 1,100.00.22 per BRD 5000 BRD. I went too trade some btc for bat and the btc network was so slow the trade was cancelled.

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BRD is the simple and secure onramp to bitcoin, ethereum, and other digital currencies. BRD Rewards (New!). Thats what will pull more bread bitcoin wallet attention to the Application completely. We'd love to hear from you. Supports importing password protected paper wallets, supports "Payment protocol" payee identity certification, localization, bread is available in the following languages: Chinese (Simplified and traditional). Save a memo for each transaction (off-chain). This wallet is beautiful and simple. My rating will change once theres much more variety to the application in terms of support for other currencies.

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