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Potential trading levels are determined by the methods you use. So following are the list of things that you must have in your trading journal. You can take steps to correct the mistakes and keep repeating those activities which were rewarding in the past. Experts say that comprehensive trading journal helps you to find the logic behind a particular methodology. It is very convenient to keep all records in an Excel table, which shows your results on the basis of all past transactions. So by having written your money management plans on your journal you should be consistent with the size of the position you invest every time. Historical Record, in the long run, the journal will provide a historical outlook. After you enter a trade you should be able to figure out all the possible outcomes and the plans for those outcomes. This not only records your trade data, but also shows you what your plans for each trade were. Now, you can not only record your trades but also strategies you learn from books and on the internet. Naturally any, singapore Forex trader must make sure that the average gain is higher than the losses.

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You can also study which currency pair worked best for you and even what time frames fitted best to your trading style. Potential trading levels is the area where you believe that a trade has a high chance of success. Methodology Verification, keeping a trading journal can be the best way to test your trading methods. When forex trading record keeping you take a trade its Stop loss and take profit should be already determined. It can vary from person to person. This can be used to create your own planning method. Did you monitor the market effectively? Keeping a journal may be a boring and time consuming task but a forex trader can learn more from reviewing their own trades than any trading books or even attending trading seminars. Position Sizing, position sizing is how much volumes you are investing per trade. Yes, brokers record contains buying price, selling price, profits, losses, margins etc. A disciplined trader knows when to exit even if the trade is in loss as a part of money management strategy. According to the experts, even if you regularly keep an eye on todays exchange rates, analyse global events their possible effects and understand technical details, a trading journal still holds its utmost importance. Trade Retrospective, retrospective is to look back at events that have already occurred in the past.

This is the most practical forex trading jounal designed by a forex trader for forex traders. Use the answers to manage your trade better. It is crucial to have all the plans in hand even before the trade is executed. The answer is simple you need everything. Once your trade has been completed its time to review. You can also keep records of the experiences when you traded during the news and how you lost the money so that you wont trade during macroeconomic events in the future. It means, trading journal allows you to track your progress and mistakes in forex trading. Manages emotional triggers : Mental preparation and psychological factors matter a lot when it comes to doing successful forex trading. This will be useful to remember the reason why you entered the trade. You may see that your total loss is higher than profit, thought your total number of winning positions is higher than the total number of the losing positions.

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Trading journal will not only summarize all the forex trading record keeping trades but it will provide the state of your trading account, at a glance showing each individual trade. Once you find your entry price level you dont jump in the market blindly. If you are a serious Forex trader from Asia, you should know and keep the whole statistics of your trading in the Forex market. Yes, keeping a trading journal is hard but not as losing all your trading capital. There are other benefits of keeping a separate trading journal. Getting success in the forex trading needs knowledge and high level practice. If you want to become a successful forex trader, you need to go through comprehensive and constant learning process. A mentor helps to pointing out the mistakes, recognizing things that went well and keeping one disciplined. Amount of your balance after each transaction, it will be useful in the future for the weekly, monthly and annual statistics, as well as for creating of the statistic curve.

You should write down your plan B on your trading journal. Unlike other forex trading journal, it contains pages to record trading of currency pairs as well as pages to record your trading strategies. This practice helps you to identify your weaknesses and find ways to handle them. Trading journal is a platform forex trading record keeping where you can record and review daily trades. If the results were good that means the system works for you and if not it is the time to reconsider finding the system that works best for you. Have Your Plan. This is the all-in-one FX trading jounal. We recommend to experiment with different types of statistics, there is no need to use any automatic statistical data, all you need to do by yourself manually. You may enter when two moving averages crosses or when the RSI indicates divergence it depends upon your system. Suppose if you are looking to sell a down trending currency pair on a 4 hour chart the best thing you would do is jump in to 15 minutes chart and find your accurate entry level.

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Description, all successful traders keep a journal and reflect on their trading style and strategies. What was the impact of trading decisions? Later on this picture can be used to review your trades. Did you exit your trade based on your initial trading plan or not? It is always recommended to keep the screenshots of the chart where you see the potential entry levels. Important Reasons for Keeping A Trading Journal.