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Almost everyone in the game already knows that. A 1 move in a pair in a short amount of time, is quite newsworthy. . Heres a chart of the SSE (Shanghai Composite) for the past 6 months. . The AUD/JPY only closed about 83 pips down on the day, and they immediately rebounded back upward to the levels at the close of 2018. As I discuss in the video, what started as concerns analisa grafik trading forex around global growth has pushed a number of pairs into key levels, where obvious and no doubt sizeable stop orders were placed. The other group, very seldom got caught. So Apple comes out and states their 4Q numbers are going to be down a bit due to an apparent slowdown in the Chinese economy.

Flash, crash 2019 - You Got Played No Nonsense

And this was consistent across the board. And not before a bunch of flash crash forex stop losses got taken out, and a bunch of long limit orders were triggered, and those long traders panicked and exited. JPY and AUD Crosses, 15 Minute Chart. Just like a great thief would. VP Before anyone flips out for no good reason, read my disclaimer. . But again, no real explanation as to why it went right back. The combination of the two cannot be refuted! Apple made a report that was kind of sort of unflattering about the Chinese economy! So Ill do my best to explain.

flash crash forex

Any fines they get for fuckery result in parking ticket-level money. Apple blamed Q4 losses on flash crash forex a slowing Chinese economy, which everyone already knew about. I am sure that most reading this note would have been involved. Well at least they fixed the problem, and it wont happen again, right? Is full control over the currencies market not enough for you Banks? Did China decide to move back to full-blown communism? Its the most popular video I have, and the video most of my traders see first. .

A move like this should send shock waves throughout the entire global market, no? And then you have that shit on file forever that you stole from your work. Never rule out self-interest, because flash crash forex its the #1 driver of just about every decision ever made. And the AUD/JPY fell seven percent? Low liquidity had very little to do with this. Just ask the hundreds of traders who have turned their results around in the very short amount of time weve been around. More on this in a bit. It would really help if youve already seen my Big Banks video. . The excuses the media gives are laughable and easily debunked. .

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This is a special report on the Flash flash crash forex Crash of January 3rd, 2019. . Yet, we only see it when its a monster sell. Sentiment was dented after Apple Inc. More dramatic than the S P, but not by much. Be honest, if you could, without any legal consequence, would you partake in something that could make you millions in an hours time? The Hang Seng chart (Hong Kong) is no different. An article here from the Financial Times breaks it down. They are very unique unto themselves, and Im amazed nobody else has a different take on them like. Make No Mistake, a Flash Crash is a planned attack on the market, for immediate financial gain. If youve ever had a 1 move either way in a pair you were trading, you sure as shit felt. Calvin got a job! Of most concern to traders, the company pointed the finger at a weakening Chinese economy as one cause.

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Just before going on air it was just through 70c, and I assumed he had made a mistake, subsequently asking, on air, if he could" me usdjpy and. The fundamental correlation most people follow is that AUD is the pro-China play, and the JPY is the anti-China play. This time from just under 100, to 13, then right back again. Only he can ruthlessly manipulate the JPY. But if they were such legitimate reasons, why did price spring right back up?

89 is an insane number. . Ethereum And The Power of Self-Interest Real quick, I wanted to mention one of, if not the most flagrant examples of a flash crash. The major players all win, the spot traders lose. S P 500 and, nasdaq futures, thanks largely to a Q1 revenue guidance downgrade from Apple (nasdaq: aapl we saw usdjpy, and the JPY crosses breaking prior lows and having a monster move, with audusd and other FX pairs following with algos closing the arb. He did blame it on machines (LOL but he knew what was flash crash forex occurring. Im going to refer back to this definition as well. .

Its almost a 9:1 ratio, which you almost never see on the SSI Indicator in Forex. Its funny because nobody else knew what was really going. During these times, freak news events have come out of nowhere. It was blamed on a big sell order, that tripped a bunch of algorithms (blaming it on machines again as to why it fell. The news apparently rippled through currency markets, prompting traders to sell-out of riskier currencies, like those of emerging markets and the Australian Dollar. Lets see how the next two days play out, but given. USD/JPY, the JPY crosses, or some other pair in the FX universe. This is effectively the period between the close of the US markets and the open of Asia, where liquidity can drop away, and to make things worse, Tokyo was closed. Like this How we trade both after they occur are very different, and Episode 29 of the Forex Q A Podcast will address them both.